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vile vermin.. looking o get out of the to keep them frrm getting inside yyur house... tomorrow on fox45 morning ews. pay to be popular on facebbok. how much it'll cost yyu to keep your posts at the top of everyone's newsfeed. and... an airline offering to fly you out of the country.. for freeebut the one catch of the prooram. 3 3 3 thursday, october 4th. 3
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3 3 &p 3
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3 &&p it was a disapointing night for the orioles... they llst the chance to host friday's wild caad game... but... they areestill in the the playoffs for the first time since 1997. 1997.megan gilliland is here
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with more on who the o's face first in the post season. good morning guys,we were hopinggto figgt for that divisional title with the yankees tonight at home... but we'll have to settle for the tomorrow.that game could have been at camden ards if we won last night.instead the o's were defeated 4-1 by the tampa bay rays... in the final game of the regular season.a disapointing loss... but for it's not over yet.the orioles now play in texxs tomorrow facing the rangers for the wiid card round.and fan's cooldnt' be more proud. "i follow them more than any other team, i live and breath with them die ith them every night""i was 11 years old the last time we made the playoffs so his is the best thinggin the world right now""there really is a magic, it's juut gr" great!"the fiist pptch s set remember, this is aawhole new
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roundd.. the first year it's been game win and you advance.lose and you go home.... if they win friday night... they'll head right home for two games here in baltimore games would be unday and monday.coming p next half reaction from the playees.i'm megan gililland, fox45 morning news. out f two shootings out of west baltimore are rrlated this morning. morning.the first happened just before nine o'clock last near fflton avenue.officers man had been shot.there's no word onnthe victims condiiion, but homicide detectives aree about 10 minutes lattr... police were called to the scene of another shooting about a half mile away.they said they found aaman hit in the chest aloog norrh fulton word of ny arrests. 3&p bullying is to blame... for stabbing insideea baltimore city hiih school. school. it happened monnay... at heriiage high in the lake clifton complex. police arrested a 17-year-old darrell
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pohns... who's now facing several charges... including attempted first deggee murder. following the teen's bail review wednesday... johns' attorney told crime and justice reeootee joy lepola that his client is the real victim. 8:46:399it appears that theee are two vastly different stories here the state has made a claim of attempted where as sseaking with my grre client and his motter :50 it seems to be a case of self defense and bullying where the syytem failed my client :52 based onnthat argument... johns' attorney has been given an additional 24 hours to to support his bullying esses - the company that owns "hollywood casino" at charlestown races in westt bb governor o'mallly... for ccmmercials that ppose maryland.penn national gaaing .- is pending millions of dollars trying to defeat "question 7"... which would and allow another casino at - the national harbor in prince george's county.but the governor says the ads sugggst
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that added revenue from gammling will ánotá go to education... which are liis. &p(governor) "the gaming compan that's funding all of thhse ads trying to claim that dollars never go to chools, total hogwash, complete lii that penn is perpetuating, total falsehood." falsehood." thh governnr says penn nattonal is only trying virginia rom a potential loss in businees from marylanders. ctober is natiinal fire prevention month... aad one of the ways the baltimore ity fiie deparrment is driving home tte message of safety, is with some... enteetainment. joel d. smith is live in rosedale attthe fire training center, where he is personally of reelly is. 3
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president obama and mitt romney mee for their ffrst in denver, a stage - jobs and the ecooomy stood ... - front and center... along wiih &pto bring prosperity back. back. domestic issues was the focus for the ninety minute first
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presidentialldebate at the university of denver in cooorado - fitting as those &phave been front and center in thhsslong campaign.seeeinggto annwer critics who say he doesn't offer specifics - romney says he has a fivv pointt lan that includes budget.president obama accused theeformmr massachussetts gooernor of hopinn to brinn about five trillion dollars inn tax cuts, much of which would benefit high income earners. romney said none oo that was remotely true - and saying he is strongly against any cuts that woulddadd to the deficitt look i have fiiv boys, i'm used to people saying something thaa's not always true but just eee on hoping i'll believe it presideet obaaa then accused romney of an about face:for eighteen monthsshe's been running on this ax plan, nd now ffve weeks before the election, he is saying that his big bold idea s never mind romney also gave theepresident an idee of what he would push for cuts in if lecced - you've been presiddnt 4
5:10 am said you would cut the deficit in half, its now four years laaer we stilllhave cbo ssys we'll have a trillion dollaa deficitobbmacare is on my list --i apologize mr. president iiuse thaa term with all respect(obama): i like it if you repeal obamacare - and i have become fond of this term - obamacare - if you repeal it - is right awayy those seniors pay 600 dollars more in prescription care the priiary beneficiary of that that are estimated to gain ies - they aren't making seniors ny healthiernext p onntte debate calendar - a viceeprrsidential faceoff between democrat joe biden and republican paul ryan later next week in danville, kentucky.obama and romney will meettagain the week after in hempptead, new york.i'm cristina mutchler reporting kitchenaid is doing damage from it's offcial account nt during the debate last night. night.the posted tweettread "obamas grandma even knew it
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wws goinggto be bad... she died three days before he became president.""he tweet was in reference to theemoment about he importance of programm like medicare and social security. my grandmmther dieedthree days before i was elected president. and she wws fiercely independent. she worked her way up, only had a high school educatton, livvng alone by chhice and the - reason she couud be &pindependent was because of social security nn medicare," the tteet was removed... nd kitchenaid later posted an apooogy from tte same twitter account.the company did not explain how the tweet ended up there. an airline is taking the political complaint ... " if my candidate doesn't win....'m leaving the country." ...and flying with it...if you're &pnext monthh' pressdential
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election... jet-blue has an offer that mmght appeal to you. called "election protection"... offers free round-trip tickets o one of its 1 international destinations enttr... you have to pick your candidate on jet-blue's website before electton day... aad your candidate has to lose. lose.for a link to the website.. fox-baltimore-dot- com. 3&are you our biggest fan?then the day! 3everyday we'll pick one of our viewers from our facebook fox45 news at become a fan just go to our faccbook page... facebook dot com slash foxbaltiiooe. coming up on the early prrests in harford ounty. county.the drug busts made... through a wire tapping investigation. p(breek 1)) aú
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krystal conwell : we see a lot of problems with the...
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number of students that we have. resources. materials. things that the children need... on a day-to-day basis. anncr: question seven will help. the department of legislative services says question seven... will mean hundreds of millions of dollars... for schools...from gaming revenues that would have... gone to other states. and independent audits will guarantee the money... goes where it's supposed to. krystal conwell: i think people should vote for question... seven because i think it will be a great benefit to children. ((bump in))
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((2-shot toss to weather)) (((d lib meeeorooogist))
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3 ((traffic reporter ad libs))
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3 3 still to come... promoting &pfacebook..he ew feature that will cost users... to keep their friends in the know. 3 a community full of the center of a major drug t bust.thh federal investigation... that led to &p((break 2)) 3
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3 more details are expecced to be released this morning... about a drug bust in harford &pccunty.federal agents worked down a dangerous rug gang - that has ties to dealers along phe eest coass. as kathleen cairns reporrs... the almost two dozen arrests come after a ccvert wire tapping invvstigati. investigation. edgewood illage is a quiet community filled with families... it also was the center oo a major ffderal wire tapping investigation that lead to 21 arrests, breaking up a suspeccee major drug gang. residents are well aware of the violeece. (susan luu)"" heard this boom boom poom i thought it was somebody breaking into my home but it wws a drive by sooting" susan luu sayy it's has many residents terrified, they hope the bust will ring about change. (susan luu)"the
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police are cracking down on the drugs and gangs." us on camera ffr fear of with - retaliation from gang memberss that they say are still here.. but susan'ssmessage ii speak up"(wide two shot)"we have goo to make a stand"(susan clooe)"we dont need this ii luu)"if you dont speak up then these people will ruin the susan's crusade... to make sure the people... essecially the chiilren.... in this harford co kc ffx 45 news at new details about the drug -& announced at a news straight ahead... sttpping a personal data reach... before it starts. to anticipate and prevent your information frrm falling into the wwong hands. ((break 3)) ,3
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p3 most consumers know to act fasttif and hen they are
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the victim of a personal data protect and prepare before o - that breach even happens? karin caifa has theeanswer. answer. wwth so much of our personal data storee in so many places, breaches have become omething every consumer neees to anticipate. the sophistication level of the breaches is getting greatee. the sophisticaaion level of the hackers is becoming more pronounced and therefore,, so ccnsumer experts like aaam &plevin advise hhving a plan, starts with never using the same password twice -- potentially giving away access to multiple financial, email and social nettorking acccunts. and having your own monitoring system, possibly spottingga breach, before your financial can also institute a monitoriig philosophy which is, youulook
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&pat your credit rrports, you &plook at your banking accounts and credit ccrd accounts online, everyday to make sure every trannaction you make is yours.also consider signing up for programs that alert you any time a credit or debbt if something looks out of place, even if you haven't officially heard from a website or institution that your information has been compromised -- act fast, to coosummr watch, i'm karin caafa. a new eature on facebook will guarantee your latest status is ssen.they're unveiling the expeeimental "promote" featurr. it will cost around seven dollars to bump posts to the top of newsfeeds.right now, only a ssall amount of users aae able to ake part in yyt said hether this will become a permanent feature on the site. toys r us is offering more than just toys...the popullr toy store is launching
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toys-r-us-movies-dot-com... a streaming business.the new four-thousand moviessand t-v shows geared towards childrrn. it won't be subscription based... instead you'll pay per rennal or download.prices start at two-99 for a 24- hour movie rental ... and you could earn a spot on to one of america's favorite game shows. pox45 is the new home of w jeopardy and wheelloo fortune. and the wheelmobile is coming to baltimore. try out for "wheel offfortune" this saturday and sunday at hunt valley town center.. center.. jeopardy weeknights on fox45 at seven. wheel that at 7--hirty. coming up... preventing power weather. . during severe - &phow the preparattons could result in an extra charge... on your b-g-e bill. a dispointing loos for the orioles last night... ut it's not ovee yet.who the birds will face first in thh post season and where the game will be.
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sorting out the presidentiil debatt.the difference it could make in novembertonighh on fox 45 3
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